Lehre & Forschung

Gerne informieren wir Sie über die aktuellen Studien des Schlaganfallzentrums.


Biomarker signature of stroke aetiology study.

Status: ongoing, recruitment finished


Capsaicin for post-stroke dysphagia (CADYS). The aim of this multicenter, randomizes, double-blind study is to examine the effect of Capsaicin treatment in the setting of (sub-)acute stroke, compared to placebo.

Status: planned


Effects of serotonergic neuromodulation on behavioural recovery and motor network plasticity after cortical ischemic stroke: a longitudinal, placebo-controlled study.

Status: ongoing, recruiting


The 2nd European Carotid Surgery Trial.

Status: ongoing, recruitment finished


Early versus Late initiation of direct oral Anticoagulants in post-ischaemic stroke patients with atrial fibrillatioN (ELAN): an international, multicentre, randomised-controlled, two-arm, assessor-blinded Trial.

Status: ongoing, recruiting


Early Sleep Apnea Treatment in Stroke: A Randomized, Rater-Blinded, Clinical Trial of Adaptive Servo-Ventilation.

Status: recruiting


Enhancement of Stroke Rehabilitation with Levodopa (ESTREL): a randomized placebo-controlled Trial.

Status: planned

Swiss Stroke Registry (SSR)

Schweizweite Datenbank zum akuten Schlaganfall.

Status: current


Treatment of intracerebral hemorrhage in patients on non-vitamin K oral anticoagulants with tranexamic acid.

Status: ongoing, recruiting


Biomarker und antithrombotische Therapie bei Dissektion der hirnzuführenden Gefässe (TREAT-CAD).

Status: ongoing, recruitment finished


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