Experimental Neurosurgery

Research Group PD Dr. Marian Neidert

A research focus of the Neidert group is the investigation of novel immunotherapeutic approaches for the treatment of glioblastoma.

The aim of our work in the field of brain tumor immunology is to identify immune system activating structures (antigens) in brain tumors, which are recognized by special cells of the immune system, the T-cells. With suitable antigens, immunological therapies for brain tumor patients could be developed in the future. Close cooperation between the Department of Neurosurgery and the Medical Research Center is essential for the implementation of such research projects. Patient samples from the neurosurgical operating room of the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen are processed and evaluated by the staff of the Laboratory of  Experimental Neurosurgery using state-of-the-art molecular biological methods

Current research projects


Dissecting the heterogeneity of T-cell antigens in glioblastoma – mapping natural HLA ligands and Characterizing tumor – infiltrating lymphocytes

This project was started in the Laboratory of Molecular Neurooncology at the University Hospital Zurich and will be continued there to a large extent. In this project, samples from different tumor regions of the glioblastoma (center, margin, infiltration zone) are examined in order to gain insights into immunological target structures as well as immune cells present in the tissue immune cells present in the tissue.

Krebsforschung Schweiz
Principal investigator: Marian Christoph Neidert

Loco-Regional Immunotherapy of Glioblastoma Using Ex Vivo Expanded Antigen-Specific T cells

This project will provide the scientific background for a T cell therapy for glioblastoma patients. Methods for the selection of relevant immunological targets (antigen) as well as the purification of antigen-specific T cells and their expansion (multiplication) in vitro will be developed. The overall goal is to develop a local therapy with T cells that are introduced into the tumor cavity on the patient via a catheter.

Padella Stiftung (Liechtenstein)
Unus Pro Multis, Martin Hilti Stiftung (Liechtenstein)
Forschungsförderung Kantonsspital St. Gallen
Blumenau-Léonie Hartmann-Stiftung
Principal investigator: Marian Christoph Neidert

Transcriptomic analysis of fibroblasts in brain tumors - an exploratory study

This is an exploratory study to assess immune-supporting microenvironments in the central nervous system underscored by different brain tumor entities. We are employing cuttingedge
transcriptomic technologies to determine the molecular landscape of immune cells, tumor cells and fibroblastic stromal cells in human meningioma, brain metastases and glioblastoma

Forschungsförderung Kantonsspital St. Gallen
Principal investigators: Natalia Pikor; Marian Christoph Neidert

In Vitro Effects of Tumor-Treating Fields on the Immune Landscape of Glioblastoma

In Switzerland, the treatment of brain tumor patients with pulsed electric fields (so-called tumor therapy fields, TTF) has been approved. This non-invasive therapy is offered by the company Novocure under the name "Optune". Among other therapy effects, preliminary data show that TTF treatments could cause immunogenic cell death of tumor cells and thus stimulate the immune response against tumors. In this collaboration project with Novocure, we will investigate the impact of TTF on tumor recognition by tumor-infiltrating immune cells.

Forschungskollaboration: Novocure und Kantonsspital St. Gallen
Principal Investigator: KSSG: Marian Christoph Neidert


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