Core Facilities

To support the clinical and translational researchers at the Medical Research Center, core units have been established to provide specialized knowledge and practical support in performing sophisticated techniques and complex administrative procedures.

Dr. Elke Scandella-Grabher and Dr. Christian Pérez Shibayama are responsible for communication with the Cantonal Veterinary Office regarding animal experimentation permits. Dr. Cristina Gil Cruz and Dr. Elke Scandella-Grabher coordinate clinical-exploratory studies of researchers at the Institute of Immunobiology. Dr. Lucas Onder and Dr. Christian Pérez Shibayama are responsible for the maintenance and operation of flow cytometry, cell sorting, and confocal laser scanning microscopy. The establishment of another core unit in the field of genomics and bioinformatics is planned for the coming years.

Available Equipment


Zeiss LSM980 Airy scan 2

Zeiss Z1 Observer


Flow cytometers:

BD FACS Symphony A3

BD LSR Fortessa SORP

BD FACS Melody Sorter 4-way

Durchflusszytometrie MFZ