Administration and Labmanagement // Technology transfer

Administration and lab management

The Administration and Lab Management team supports the clinical and translational researchers of the Medical Research Center and the associated clinics in the areas of third-party funding management, ordering, maintenance and operation of the laboratory infrastructure and laboratory animal facilities. It also organizes the scientific seminars, continuing education and the university courses. Dr. Caviezel-Firner is also responsible for biosafety in laboratory operations and laboratory animal husbandry.

Team Administration and lab management

Harindra Hewage Personalbild

Harindra Wewelwala Hewage

Animal Caretaker
Marina Mancic Personenfoto

Marina Mancic

animal caretaker
Annalisa Bucheli

Anna Elisabeth Bucheli-Burkhart

Laboratory Assistant

Indire Elshani

Laboratory Assistant


Technology Transfer

The Technology Transfer manages the patent portfolio of the Kantonsspital St.Gallen and, in close coordination with
the Legal Service, negotiates licensing and research agreements with commercial research partners. The staff of the Technology Transfer reviews ideas and proposals of the researchers of the Kantonsspital St.Gallen regarding patenting and supports the first steps in the patenting process. The researchers of the Kantonsspital St.Gallen are regularly informed about the patenting process within the context of further training by the Technology Transfer Office.

Betriebsmanagement und Administration / Technologietransfer
Betriebsmanagement und Administration / Technologietransfer