Program: Closing the gap between science and routine health care delivery - the Art of Implementation

08:00 Registration
08:30 Welcome address
Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Brutsche, Lungenzentrum, Kantonsspital St.Gallen, and Jörg Spieldenner, CEO Swiss Lung Association: NCD-strategy 2021 - 2024: a short introduction

Morning Plenary Session: Implementation science – what can we learn from it?

Chair: Dr. Karin Faisst, Amt für Gesundheitsvorsorge Kanton St.Gallen, und Dr. Lukas Kern, Klinik für Pneumologie und Schlafmedizin, Kantonsspital St.Gallen

08:45 - 09:10 Prevention in Healthcare: a part of the NCD-strategy - from planning to action
Dr. Franziska Widmer Howald, Deputy responsible of Prevention in Healthcare, Health Promotion Switzerland, and Thomas Graf, Project manager «Better living with COPD»
09:10 - 09:35 How to design a successful healthcare intervention
Prof. Dr. Isabelle Peytremann-Bridevaux, Unisanté, Centre universitaire de médecine générale et santé publique, Lausanne
09:35 - 10:00 How can implementation science help - basics and principles
Prof. Dr. phil. Lauren Clack, Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care, Zürich
10:00 - 10:25 Coffee break
10:25 - 10:30 Introduction of program Lunge Schweiz
Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Brutsche, Lungenzentrum, Kantonsspital St.Gallen
10:30 - 12:00 Workshops

Parallel Workshops à 45 min.: Implementation priorities in Switzerland

Presentation: Dr. Tania Weng-Bornholt, diabetes schweiz, Baden, and Christoph Napierala, Healthcare Management Knowledge 1:1, Dürnten, Universität Luzern

A. …for the procurement of health care to NCD patients with a focus on chronic lung diseases

B. …for the secondary and tertiary prevention by promotion of a healthier life-style

12:00 - 12:30 Plenary voting on implementation priorities from workshops A & B
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch break

In-between sessions: Digital Health-start-up pitches and award ceremony of the Digital Health Vadian Innovation Prize 2023

Chair: Tobias Kowatsch, University of Zurich/St.Gallen and ETH Zürich

Moderation: Giuliana Breu, Centre for Digital Health Interventions

Jury: René Rossi, Hans Ebinger, Sven Hoffmann, Marcia Nissen, Mia Jovanova, Estelle Pfitzer, Odile Giger, Giuliana Breu, Catherine Jutzeler

14:00 - 14:10 Introduction to the Digital Health Vadian Innovation Prize
Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch and Giuliana Breu, Centre for Digital Health Interventions
14:10 - 14:15 Presentation 1st start-up: Skaaltec

Afternoon Plenary Session: Technical advances vs human behavior

Chairs: Prof. Dr. René Rossi, Empa, St.Gallen, and Prof. Dr. Otto Schoch, Klinik für Pneumologie und Schlafmedizin, Kantonsspital St.Gallen

14:15 - 14:45 The mystery of human behavior
Prof. Dr. Suzanne Suggs, Univeristà della Svizzera italiana USI, Lugano
14:45 - 14:50 Presentation 2nd start-up: Neuria
14:50 - 15:20 A person-specific approach to predict behavior
Mia Jovanova, Ph.D., Universität St. Gallen
15:20 - 15:25 Presentation 3rd start-up: Pipra
15:25 - 15:45 Coffee Break
15:45 - 15:50 Presentation 4th start-up: Sawera Health
15:50 - 16:20 Data-driven approaches to advance healthcare
Prof. Catherine Jutzeler, Ph.D., ETH Zürich
16:20 - 16:25 Presentation 5th start-up: Carity
16:25 - 16:45 Voting and awarding of the 3rd «Digital Health Vadian Innovation Prize 2023»
Chair: Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch
16:45 - 17:00 Closing Remarks
Jörg Spieldenner, Tobias Kowatsch, Martin Brutsche
17:00 End of the event