Pneumococcal infections in the respiratory tract (C.Kahlert, W. Albricht)

A major focus of our research is the investigation of bacterial pneumococcal infections in the respiratory tract. We investigate the mechanism from the colonization of bacteria in the respiratory tract to their migration into lung tissue. Therefore, a cell culture model from bronchial tissue was developed in which the infection mechanisms can be investigated.

In another project we are investigating the intestine- and lungassociated microbiome in different patient groups, in children as well as in adults.

We also investigate bacterial (pneumococci and other respiratory bacteria), viral (e.g. respiratory viruses, CMV) and fungal infections (e.g. candida) as well as the host's immune response to infections.


Resistance mechanisms in gram negative bacteria (Baharak Babouee Flury)

A further focus of research is the investigation of resistance mechanisms of gram negative bacteria, in particular of the hospital germs which are difficult to treat, the so-called ESKAPE bacteria. We investigate their in vivo and in vitro resistance development and stability with and without antimicrobial pressure. We are particularly interested in the development of resistance to sublethal antibiotic concentrations and resistance selection.