Cannabis Use Disorder Gastvortrag - A. Budney, M. Schaub

Nachmittag 16:00 - 18:00
St.Gallen, Poststrasse 28, Rosenbergsaal
Kantonsspital St.Gallen, ETH Zürich, Universität St.Gallen

Prof. Alan Budney: Cannabis Use Disorder: Interventions and Public Health Issues

A Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD) is more similar than dissimilar to other Substance Use Disorders. Dr. Budney’s presentation will briefly review the prevalence of CUD, it’s consequences and severity, and its response to treatment. In doing so, he will review some of his own intervention research conducted with both adults and adolescents. He will conclude with thoughts about how new cannabis products and cannabis laws my impact the development of CUD, and how proactive public health strategies are needed to mitigate harm.

Dr. Michael Schaub: Technology-based Treatments for Cannabis Use Disorder

Offering a web-based self-help tool for cannabis misusers could potentially reach users who otherwise would not seek traditional help. However, cannabis users are difficult being involved in web-based interventions. To maintain adherence particularly to webbased interventions rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy – an approach being very effective in the therapy of some other mental health disorders – is very challenging. Thus, the aim of the presentation is to provide an overview of different forms of therapist involvements to increase adherence and effectiveness in web-based cognitive behavioral treatment for cannabis misusers and its underlying theories. Moreover, it will report on the most recent results and experiences of two randomized-controlled studies with different modes of therapist guidance in addition to web-based self-help.